Day 5 : Chapter Summary

1 Tim 5 – a Charge (meaning an instruction). There are many but for simplicity.

We need to relate it to 1 Tim 1:5 ‘love from a pure heart’ meaning relational.

  1. Do not rebuke and older man harshly but exhort him as if he were your father – relational politeness. That is being polite from a pure and loving heart. (1 Tim 5:1)
  2. Treat younger men as brothers – relational pleasantness. (1 Tim 5:1)
  3. Older women as mothers and younger women as sisters with absolute purity – relational purity. Not just being outwardly pure towards them but inwardly too. (1 Tim 5:2)
  4. Repaying parents and grandparents for this pleases God. Provide for your family else we are worse than an unbeliever – relational piety. (1 Tim 5:4,8)
  5. Let the elders be worthy of double honor especially those who preach – relational preaching, preach with love from a pure heart.

In preaching, there must be

  1. Content, meaning material saturation. That is we must really work hard to pray and prepare for a sermon.
  2. Contact, we must connect with the congregation with love from a pure heart
  3. Clarity, our message must be so clear that they remember.
  4. Conviction, our message must evoke an emotional response.

Reference: BGST Preaching Practicum by Rev Edmund Chan, 2001.

Difference between preaching and teaching.

Preaching – more transformational less instructional. Teaching is the reverse. Both preaching and teaching involve transformation and instruction/information.