Day 6 : Chapter Summary

1 Tim 6 – a contentment

  1. Worshipping God for financial gain. (6:5)
  2. Loving money vs loving God (6:10-11)
  3. Hope in wealth vs hope in God (6:17)

When we read the Bible, don’t just look for a repeated word, look for a repeated idea (above 3 points), don’t just look for a repeated idea, look for a contrasting idea (above 3 points).

All the above 3 points point to 1 main idea – a contentment in God. This is our application.  It means to find our sufficiency, satisfaction and happiness in God. If we have food and clothing, we shall be content (6:8). Notice it does not include shelter, just food and clothing.

We are not just to memorize verses but passages. Psalm 23 is our sufficiency in Christ.

Finally besides memorizing verses and passages, we should memorize mega themes/applications of each book.