Rise Above Yourself to Make a Life. We are constantly striving to do better than our best.


Equip, Empower and Edify. Knowledge, wisdom, skill, discipline, motivation, purpose and proactive actions are needed to be successful.


Love, Integrity, Fun and Excellence (LIFE). With character comes true competence. Values of love and integrity are the foundations of life and all relationships where trust and respect are the outcomes of these two values. We must also learn to enjoy life and have meaningful fun yet at the same time we are focused on building life skills and technical skills to its most excellent level to succeed.

Profile of Wong Chee Boon

Wong Chee Boon, the principal consultant and sole proprietor of Ray Life. A Company that conducts Life Skills programmes, leadership, creativity techniques, finance made easy, budget planning and cost control, coaching, mentoring and soft skills programmes. In his partnership with training institutions/companies, He had conducted trainings at MINDEF, MDIS, various schools, a polytechnic and in the private sector.

He is 54 years old and happily married with three daughters aged 24, 21 and 21. A Chartered Accountant by profession. He has worked for more than 20 years in US, European and Asian MNCs.

Ray Life stands for Rise Above Yourself to give yourself a ray of hope, a ray of light and a ray of life. We want to build character and competence to fulfill our purpose in life and leave a legacy to a thousand generations. With character comes ethical and excellent competence. We can have competence without character but we cannot have true character without competence.